15 Best Remote Collaboration Tools for 2022

Remote collaboration has a ton of advantages both from an organizational side and from an employee benefits side. Many of these questions were floating around when remote work took off in 2020, but now people have a much better understanding of how advantageous remote collaboration can really be. Another key part of meeting optimization is keeping solid records of everything that’s said and worked on.


In the downloadable versions, you’ll find space to add notes for each practice, so you can jot down ideas. Even with a greater number of remote workers than ever before, it is safe to say that remote work and collaboration are still outside the norm of traditional labor practices. As such, remote collaboration offers team members the opportunity to truly think and operate outside of the box. This is particularly true when it comes to contributors that perform better when working individually or away from the distracting influence of others. Unless you’re using fully constructed sentences and completely spelled out words, assume that there is someone out there that will not understand your messages. This means that when collaborating remotely, you should stay away from using slang and other variants of shorthand.

‍How to (remotely or in-person) do the work in the meeting‍

But it is also important to emphasize respect and the effort to understand the other team member’s points of view. It is important to bear in mind that since there is no face-to-face contact, it is necessary to generate the closest possible link through the tools provided . Consider if there are problems or dissatisfaction within the team, and find them in time.

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While these tools all enable teams to manage tasks and access information in a shared workspace, they are encompassed by Fresco’s ability to manage tasks inside a greater collaborative workflow. When using Fresco, you can gain all the value from managing tasks in a tool like Trello while also integrating regular collaboration sessions on the same platform. When collaborating remotely, it can be easy to fall out of practice and work in siloes rather than in collaboration. This means that an important defining factor of remote collaboration is routine collaboration sessions. Similar to creating standard collaboration hours, implementing collaboration habits needs to be second nature with remote collaboration to ensure that people are effectively communicating. The great thing about virtual meetings is that it only takes a click to start a video recording that you can refer to whenever you want.

Learn to embrace asynchronous communication

Trello is a list-making application that provides a good overview of who’s doing what, how far they are with their tasks, and what still needs to be done. Add a task and if needed, break it down into subtasks – the smaller steps you need to complete before considering your assignment done. Let other remote colleagues know how you’re progressing by putting a label to indicate whether your project is in the making, waiting for approval, or done. Intranets drive employee engagement and productivity by being a hub for collaboration, information exchange, and communication. Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. Tools may glitch, Wi-Fi connections may fail, personal lives may suddenly slow schedules.

It also clearly relates each person’s work to specific priorities, allowing people to clearly track their direction toward big goals. Using video calls doesn’t always have to be in real-time, and there are times when sending a recorded video can communicate information in a much clearer, more understandable way. This is a middle ground that can be used to effectively communicate large amounts of information asynchronously, helping sustain team productivity while increasing empathy. Efficient communication isn’t the only advantage of using a video call. Communicating directly is one of the best ways for teams to increase trust, build connections, and create empathy for each other.

Advanced Tactics for Collaborating Remotely

Simplify this dreaded task by utilizing state-of-the-art scheduling apps that keep your calendar organized, even if nothing else is. While Discord is most commonly used among the gaming community, it can also be used as an effective team communication platform. When it comes to productivity tools, Google will leave no stone unturned.

  • To be efficient, decide as a team on common communication channels that will keep everyone well connected, and post the necessary guidelines in an easy-to-find place.
  • It is therefore necessary to structure instructions in a targeted manner and to communicate ideas in a comprehensible way.
  • Apart from tracking employee productivity, this is a great feature for companies that bill clients for hours worked.
  • Makes collaborative working even easier for remote team members who live in different time zones.

To remote collaborationfully manage a virtual team, you’ll need to make sure their remote work collaboration tools have features that can help them carry out their project management requirements. Choose multi-faceted options serving all or most of these functions to enhance productivity and work from home software adoption rates. For instance, GitLab has 1200 employees working remotely across 27 different countries.

On video it’s also much easier to gauge tone, empathise with the other people you’re talking to, and brainstorm ideas. Make remote team collaboration easier by integrating the federation server from PingFederate with Wrike. With PingFederate, you can use web single sign-on provisioning for employees, partners, and enterprise customers and API security for your remote teams.

  • COVID19 and the subsequent lockdown restrictions started huge swathes of the global population working from home almost overnight.
  • Therefore, considering the distance and the digital environment, it is important to take into consideration communication as the main factor.
  • This allows custom apps to integrate into the before, during, and after meeting experiences, to make them more productive and customized for the purpose they serve.
  • It also allows your team members to post their comments on your current proposals and synchronize files and documents the computers of their colleagues along with assigning tasks to each other.
  • By integrating Wrike with Dropbox, you can seamlessly sync, collaborate, and share files of any size with your remote team members.

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